Bent bolts for the Mosin Nagant and Mauser rifles.

Great quality and great price.

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Jim R Is The Boltman

Quality Bolts For The Mosin Nagant &

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Sick of cheaply done bent bolts for your Mosin Nagant or Mauser military surplus rifle? So were we so we went about making them ourselves. The result is outstanding work and an affordable price.

From Jim R "The Boltman"

Mosin Nagant Bolts:

"These are the best quality bolts on the market for the Mosin Nagant rifles. No one makes these any better than Jim and his prices can not be beat. The workmanship is simply magnificent and these are the only bolts that I have seen on the market worthy of compare to the original Mosin Nagant sniper bolts" - Tuco Of Gunboards.Com - Mosin-Nagant Dot Net

We offer a number of styles of these bolts, so you can choose just what you want for your needs. We offer a "sniper" bolt that is made in the same style as the original sniper bolts used on the Mosin Nagant, as well as making a more sporty swept type bolt for hunters and shooters. Both are strong, well made, and have been widely praised by collectors, shooters, and hunters alike. These are quality items done by a skilled machinist and will fit any 30 cal Mosin Nagant.

Compare these prices to the $85-100 many charge for a lesser product!

Bent Mosin Bolt (using your bolt body): $47 Return Priority Mail Shipping Included

Bent Mosin Bolt (we provide bolt body): $55 Return Priority Mail Shipping Included

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Bolt Photo Two

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ATI Mount - Mosin Nagant:

This bolt is made specifically for the ATI mount that is available for
the Mosin Nagant rifle. The cost is $55.00 using my bolt body.

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Mauser Bolts:

Bent Mauser Bolts: $35 Return Priority Mail Shipping Included

Mauser Bolt Photo

Preferred payment is by M.O; however, I will accept a personal
checks. Shipping is by Priority Mail and included in the price. Please contact me through my email address for more information: