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Doug Bowser: Rifles Of The White Death

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Doug was one of the first writers in the US to discover the Finnish Mosin Nagant line of rifles.  His fine book covers all the major Finnish models in detail and he also adds a bit of his own personal touches with various shooting tips.

The proof section of this book is most helpful to the collector of these rifles as both Russian and Finnish proofs are listed.  For the beginner in collecting Doug's book is a great guide to have on hand.  With it one will know what rifle they are looking at, saving the chances of buying the wrong model.   His book will also assist one in identifying some of the more uncommon proofs and models, which may help one find a true gem in a pile of rifles.

All in all this is a fine book and its size and format makes it easy to carry to guns shows. It is well worth owning and will assist all collectors. 

Doug has also written books on other military rifles including the Swedish Mauser and the M1.  All are very  well written and should be in the hands of all true collectors.

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