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The Collector Of History

Tours For The Collector

Tuco - Mosin-Nagant Dot Net

There are those that collect military arms as they are fascinated with the history behind the weapon.  These collectors are fixated on those that made use of these arms as well as the battles these weapons might have taken part in.  Everyday you see this discussion of history in collectors circles and these conversations are always entertaining and exciting.  One aspect of this history and how to enjoy this history is often overlooked by collectors - this aspect being historical tours in the area or nation of issue.  Tours of these areas can add much to the collectors insight into what they collect, as touring the areas of the world these arms served is one of the best ways to further one's experience, enjoyment, and education.  At one time this kind of venture was difficult or impossible to undertake but over the past few years such opportunities have been greatly expanded. The world has truly opened up and taking tours to almost any region is now possible.  This has lead to endless opportunities for the collector to take advantage of what the world has to offer.

Photo Taken In Finland With A Rare Finnish SMG

There is simply no feeling like that which overcomes a collector as they walk the same fields that their rifles/pistols might have served on in the days of war.  One can really feel history coming to life and might gain a better understanding of what the former owner of your weapon went through - this adding a more than healthy respect for what war is all about.  With such a tour one can really picture what life must have been like for the solider whose rifle you might now have on your wall.  It is quite a sobering experience as it creates feelings that many feel deep inside.

Russian-Finnish Graves - Summa - Russia







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