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A Great Reference Book For The Mosin Nagant Collector

There is another great book on the Mosin Nagant that has been published in Germany.  This fine book covers the Mosin Nagant line of rifles in great detail and is written by one of the top Mosin researchers in the world, Karl-Heinz Wrobel.   Karl-Heinz's knowledge of the M91 and early Mosin Nagants is simply outstanding.  I know of no one better than he on these subjects.

Karl-Heinz is a frequent user of the various boards of this site and has also donated articles to Russian/Soviet Weapons Area.   There is no doubt that all serious collectors will have this great publication on their bookshelves.   The book is 400 pages and has about 600 pictures, with most of these being photos.

I think this will be one of the "must have" books for the Mosin Nagant collector and should fit in well with the fine publications of Palokangas, Lapin, and Bowser.  Do not miss this one. - Tuco