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Russian Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine Photos

m44crate.jpg (56273 bytes)

m44cratehalf.jpg (47507 bytes)

M44 Carbines in a Soviet storage crate.  In most cases these carbines were stored by date.  It further seems that these carbines were exported to various nations also by date.  Below is another view of a storage crate.   The other Eastern European nations used like crates, as the author owns crates from Russian, Hungary, Romania, and Poland.  The color is the only difference in the crates.


m44g090.jpg (16843 bytes)

m44grenadesingle.jpg (15952 bytes)

A M44 with a post war grenade launcher added.  These are not a common find as the M44 was being phased out of service by the SKS soon after WW2. Opposite side of the same carbine showing the post war alterations.

M44-2Hex01.jpg (14932 bytes)

 Top photo is of a laminate stocked M44 with a hex receiver.  The carbine is dated 1945.  Below that another rare hex receiver M44 carbine 1944 dated and made at Tula.


m44grenadespigot.jpg (26745 bytes)

A close up of the spigot on the M44 with launcher.

m44cartouche.jpg (16955 bytes)

Stock cartouche from a M44 Carbine

1.TRZ from a Tula made M44 carbine.  This is a post war cartouche from the nation of Yugoslavia, further showing the worldwide nature of the issue of these Soviet carbines.

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