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Photo Section -

The naval units of the Matrosen Division were the recipients of large quantities of converted Model 1891 Three-line Rifles. This group photo shows a small detachment armed with M91s equipped with tubular bayonet adapters.

The Model 1895 Hungarian Gendarmerie bayonet, two of which are pictured here, were produced with blades patterned after the Model 1854 socket bayonet. A small number of these scabbards have turned up altered to accept the Model 91 Russian socket bayonet.

The top two bayonets in this photo are captured Russian M91 bayonets in the standard German ersatz scabbard. The bottom example is a captured bayonet in an Austro-Hungarian ersatz scabbard. All three are complete with the appropriate frog and troddel, or bayonet knot.

From left to right are shown the scabbard throats of the Model 95 Hungarian gendarmerie scabbard, this one in its original configuration, two German ersatz pattern scabbards and on the far right, the throat of the Austro-Hungarian ersatz scabbard. Note the throat insert on the German ersatz scabbards. This insert allowed the Germans to use this same pattern scabbard with a variety of ersatz bayonets constructed with various obsolete socket bayonet blades.

From top to bottom are a standard Austro-Hungarian Model 1895 Mannlicher NCO bayonet, a twist blade Austro-Hungarian ersatz bayonet and on the very bottom, a Model 91 Austro-Hungarian ersatz bayonet.


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