1989 Ball


Headstamp Code: 3
Click on the code for an image of the headstamp

Albanian ammunition carries an factory code of 3. The steel core bullet is 147 grains and the casing is made of brass. A honey colored primer sealer is used. The headstamp layout is date at 12 o'clock with the factory code at 6 o'clock. The manufacture of this type of ammunition appears to have begun in the late 1980's. The construction details are very close to Chinese ammunition. The Chinese supplied Albania with munitions in the 1960's.

Sectioned Round showing brass case, mild steel jacket and steel core

The ammunition is packed in 20 round paper wrapped bundles. Two 440 round tins are packed in a wooden case. The tins are usually galvanized but can also be found painted green.

440 Round Green Painted Tin
440 Round Galvanized Tin
20 Round paper wrapped bundle. Note the multicolored string.