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Hello and Welcome to Mosin-Nagant Dot Net,

This site was initiated in late 1995 early 1996 as Mosin Man's  Military Surplus Firearms Site and has fast become one of the leaders in bringing quality military surplus information to collectors on the World Wide Web. Not only does this site strive to bring its users only the best information on Finnish and Russian/Soviet weapons of the WW1-WW2 period, this site also brings the world of surplus firearms to the users living room. The goal of this site has always been to inform, educate, and lend assistance to the those in the field of military surplus firearms collecting.  We have gone to great lengths to provide top shelf articles, photos, and information to the collector. 

Mosin Man's became one of the first Websites to bring full scale interactive to military surplus collector's.  This lead was taken in 1997 by  Tuco's Collectors Firearms Forum and this idea had grown into the number of fully interactive features that this site has to offer its users. The creation of the discussions forums soon followed in a partnership with Vic Thomas. The Mauser Forum, The SKS-AK Boards, The CETME Forum, The Semi Auto Board, The Japanese Firearms Board, The Sniper Rifle Forum, The Machine Gun Board, The War Discussion Forum, and many others are further examples of this site's dedication to providing only the best to site visitors. In addition, The Gunboards Trader system  has become one of the more active hotspots for FFL holders to sell their wares to other dealers and collectors.  Please note that only FFL holders can make buys or transfers.  Others may browse but the law forbids non FFL transfers. You must follow all federal, state, and local laws at all times.

The Interactive Section of this site is one of the more popular on the Net, so make sure to take advantage of this.   Tuco's Interactive Area was noted and highly praised in a recent review that appeared in Shotgun News.   The Gunboards Collector Forum has also been sponsored in the past by Century International Arms, who is without a doubt the leader in military surplus firearms, and is now sponsored by the fine company Empire Arms.   There is no safer, more productive, informative, and educational section offered by any other "server" on the Web.  It works because of the fine site users and the reputation this site has made for itself.  We are now even larger after purchasing the server Gunboards.Com which host a wide number of forum boards, on a huge number of topics.  We also offer free website hosting and other interesting services to the collector.

On Monday, September 13, 1999 Tuco, the site administrator of Mosin Man's Military Surplus Firearms Site, purchased the rights to the Internet domain Mosin-Nagant.Net. This set a new era of this site's life into motion. The name of Mosin Man's Military Surplus Firearms Site was dropped and Mosin-Nagant Dot Net was born. The current name and fresh site appearance are just a fraction of what is in store for the site users ( new and old ). Although the name has changed, the complete dedication to service has not. This site has been and always will be FOR YOU.

Mosin-Nagant Dot Net has compiled articles and information centering on the weapons of Finland, Imperial Russia, and the Soviet Union. Many of the articles located at Mosin-Nagant Dot Net have information that only can be found here ( in English at least ), and are quite unique in there own right. Noted Mosin Nagant researchers such as Vic Thomas, my partner in the operations, Terence Lapin, Karl-Heinz Wrobel, and Doug Bowser have kindly donated the fruits of their years of investigations of this field. Vic Thomas has also donated his time and effort into several of the sections either in publishing new articvles or updated previously preseneted material. The addition of Vic's SVT section in 2002 was a first of its kind on the net and is in our opinion the best of its kind anywhere.  Simply put the information on this site is as good as it gets as an English language reference.  There is just nothing better than can be located that covers these weapons in the detail as you will find here.

Make sure to experience these articles located in the Finnish and Russian Areas.  Always check for any article updates that may be posted on the site, as there is always something in the works.  Any and all articles that appear here will meet only the highest of standards.  They are also written by knowledgeable researchers and collectors that have respect in their various fields.  There are also many new articles in the works that will deal directly with the history of the troops that carried these firearms into battle.

This site is also in cooperation with a number of other firearms related sites on the Net.  Mosin Nagant Dot Net provides links to the finer sites and all are reviewed before a link is added.  This review assures the site users that only the best will appear in the links section of this site.   Mosin Nagant Dot Net also works with the other two Mosin Nagant pages on the Web, The Russian Mosin Nagant page of Bob W.  and 7.62x54R, an outstanding reference site started by one of our long time members. Both of these fine sites take the high road of cooperation and assistance.

Make sure to view all the great sites that can be found under the Mosin or Links, as there really are some other fine sites out there.  We have worked with and know many of the webmasters of these sites.   In fact it is very common to see these webmasters in one of the discussion boards that we administer,  and it is always good to have their participation and vice versa.

This site strives to bring you the best information on the Net. Mosin-Nagant Dot Net is a free service and will always be so. Please make sure to visit any cooperate sponsors that might appear on this site or on the discussion forum located at, as all of these sponsors have the same dedication this site brings to you. All sponsor's are those known by the site administrators and their reputations are second to none.  To those that want to advertise their products here, please sent Vic an email.  Again only the best products and dealers place ads on this site.

Thanks and God Bless,

Brent  "Tuco" Snodgrass and Vic Thomas

Owner-Operators Of Mosin-Nagant Dot Net &

Site Updates and News

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