From left to right: 1953 "D" Ball, 1955 "D" Ball, 1987 "LPS" Ball, 1991 Tracer, Blank, 1953 Dummy, 1982 Dummy


Headstamp Codes:

10 Star 10 Date Lion and Cyrillic F V
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Early Bulgarian headstamps followed their pre-war standards for marking 8x56mm ammunition. Using a lion at 12 o'clock, Cyrillic F and V at 9 and 3 o'clock and date code at 6 o'clock. Begining in the early 50's, they modified this to a Star at 12 o'clock, arsenal code 10 at 3 o'clock and date code at 6 o'clock. By the 1960's the Bulgarians were following the Warsaw pact standards completely. The arsenal code 10 was at 12 o'clock and the date code was at 6 o'clock. Brass casings were used until the 1960's when replaced with copper washed steel. Cartridges were packed in paper wrapped bundles of 10 in 300 round tins until the 1960's when more conventional 20 round bundles and 440 round spam cans were used.

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10 Round Bundle of Ball (1953)
10 Round Bundle of Ball (1953)
300 Round Tin of Ball ammo (1953)
20 Round Bundle of Ball, (1987)