From left to right: 53 "Tz" Ball, 59 "Tz" Ball, 60's Type 59, 80's Type 59, API, Tracer, Brass Case ZV headstamp Tracer, Dummy, Short Range Practice, 60's Blank, 80's Blank

Headstamp Codes:

aym bxn zv
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Early production used gray laquered steel casings with blacked primers and yellow tipped "D" bullets until the mid 1950's. The Czechs called this bullet the "Tz". The yellow tip color code was then dropped and a plain bullet represented the "Tz" ball. A silver tip color code was introduced signifying the "LPS" steel core bullet or type 59 to the Czechs. Later production (1980's) used copper washed steel casings and again the bullet tip color code was dropped. Cartridges made with brass casings and a ZV headstamp also exist. Czechoslovakia produces plastic core short range training ammunition in many calibers including 7.62x54R. A white tip on a very short, blunt bullet denotes this ammunition. Tracer and API (Armor-Piercing Incendiary) ammunition is also produced and follows the Soviet color code of Green tip and Black over Red tip respectively.


Generally packed 780 or 800 rounds to a case in 20 round double ended light blue boxes. Sometimes (though rarely) found in 10 round boxes of similar construction. Blanks are packed 80 rounds to a box in 960 round wooden cases.

Packaging (Click on the picture for a larger view):

20 round box, German language label, late 50's date. (East German Contract)
10 round box, German language label, late 50's date. (East German Contract)
20 round box containing heavy ball. Note Tz bullet type. 1954 date.
20 round box containing silver tipped Type 59 (LPS) ammo. Mid 60's date.
20 round box containing Type 59 (LPS) ammo without the silver tip. Mid 80's date.
20 round box containing Tracer. 1955 Date. Note green ink and Sv bullet type.
Sectioned Czech Tracer and 20 round Tracer box, 1960's date. Note the green stripe.
80 round box containing Blanks 1964 date. Note Cv code.
780 round tin containing Type 59 (LPS) ammunition