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Uncle Shelby was a true American hero who served in the European Theater of World War Two. Shelby landed on the beaches of Normandy, served under General Patton, and his later US Army service included an assignment in 1950's Korea. Shelby was a hero, a liberator, and beloved family member.   He passed away yesterday (2-15-00 ) and I feel a great loss in my heart.  I lost an uncle and America lost one of its finest sons.

Born 1922 Died 2000

Photo: Iceland 1942

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Uncle Porter was a country boy who was called to service in the Pacific Theater of World War Two. His stint in the US Army during this hellish time is a testament to both his dedication and grit. A great man who is missed by those who knew and loved him. I was just a boy when he departed this world, but the memories I have of him will be with me always.

Born 1914 Died 1978

Photo: New Zealand 1942

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America's freedom was paid for in American blood. Let us pause and remember all of America's War Vets, both those who came back and those who did not. All are heroes who gave so that we could have.  

Photo - Tuco's father USMC 1950's.


For those who serve:   If I die before I wake.

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