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A History Of The Finnish Civil Guard - The Photo Section


Devils_of_Kuhmoinen: "Kuhmoiset Pirut" (Devils of Kuhmoinen) was nickname given by Reds to one of the Suojeluskunta Flying Units lead by Estonian Captain Hans Kalm. The unit gained notorious reputation during the Civil War. Captain  Kalm marked with small X below his feet in the photo.

Photo taken in February of 1918.



Dr_Heikinheimo__President_Svinhufvud__and__Malmberg: Dr O. Heikinheimo (Chief of Sk Council) left. President of Finland P.E. Svinhufvud (also known independence activists, marksman and Sk member, rifle M/39 was named as "Ukko-Pekka after him) in the middle, Lieutenant-General Malmberg right.



Flag_of_Sk_organisation: Flag of Suojeluskunta organization

Lammi_Sk_December_1917: Lammi Suojeluskunta in December of 1917. Notice mixed weaponry of rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers typical at that time.


Lieutenant General_Malmberg: Official photo of Lieutenant-General Lauri "Mala" Malmberg


Malmberg_and_Ekholm: L. Malmberg and Colonel P.O. Ekholm (Leader of Helsinki Sk District) in 1938

Sk_choir: Suojeluskunta also had choirs and bands among its activities.

Sk_maneuvers_1930s: Sk maneuvers in late 1930's. Uniforms seem to be m/36 and they also have Lahti-Saloranta m/26 LMG

Snow_plough_of_Lapua: Snow plough of Lapua was nickname given to farmer Matti Laurila and his two sons from town of Lapua during Civil War. From the left:
Matti Laurila Jr. (in his Jaeger officer uniform, he survived the Civil War later serving as Regimental commander during Winter War. One of the characters of movie "Winter War" - the officer addressing Battalion from a boulder), Matti Laurila Senior and Ilmari Laurila. Matti Sr. and Ilmari died to machinegun fire in one of the battles fought during advance towards Tampere.

Truly_White_Army: Mannerheim checking honorary Company of Civil Guard in parade of 20th anniversary for capturing Tampere. Heavy snowfall had covered the Civil Guards men in snow

Viipuri_Prison_1918: A farewell from Red Guard. Red Guard prison guards executed their prisoners in this prison before leaving town. Once White Army had taken
the city of Viipuri its soldiers organized mass-execution of Reds and Russians in entrenchment of Viipuri castle as a payback

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