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The Finnish Issue Of

The Model 1891 Mosin Nagant Rifle

As the Finns made wide of the M91 rifle it was decided to break this section down to make it easier to follow.  To place all of this information in one article would have been quite hard to do and might be confusing.  We hope this assists you in your collecting hobby - Mosin Nagant Dot Net


Now Open

SAT - Early Tikka - P Series Finnish Issue Of Russian M91's and Tikka - VKT 1940's Production: The first of the Mosin Nagant M91's made in Finland for use in their armed forces.  These are very rare and interesting collector's rifles. The use and issue of standard M91 rifles from Imperial Russia.  These rifle made up the bulk of the issue rifles of Finland.  Article to include Finnish issue of the rifles made in the USA - Westinghouse and Remington. The later made Finnish M91's are often overlooked by collectors but are great finds for the collection.  In this article the history of the production of these WW2 rifles is covered. - PHOTO SECTION COMING SOON


Coming Soon

Finnish Cavarly Rifles:  Very rare and uncommon versions of the M91 rifle as issued to the Finnish cavarly. The Finnish converted Dragoon, the Russian Dragoon and Cossack rifles, the M91rv, and others will be detailed in this article.  These are some of the most rare of the Finnish rifles.




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