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The Finnish Mosin-Nagant Collectors Homepage Providing Only The Best And Most Detailed Articles Since 1995.




Mosin - Nagant Dot Net's Finnish Section

The Military History Of Finland


Finnish Rifles And Bayonets

Finnish Pistols And Machine Guns

Finnish History And Issue Items


Variations of the Rifles Mosin-Nagant: A good article from Karl-Heinz Wrobel that gives a listing of the various Mosin Nagants by issue nation.

Finnish Mosin Nagant FAQ:  Some of the more common questions on these rifles.

Finnish/Soviet Stock MarkingsOdd carvings that appear on Finnish used weapons.

The Finnish Bayonet UPDATED!    This section by Vic Thomas has undergone a comprehensive revsion and is now open and covers more detail in both photographs and examples than the previous section including some information on foreign bayonets used and some puukko's. Be sure to check in if you have a question about Finnish bayonets as this is the place for answers!

Finnish Proofs & Factory Markings:     What do all these proofs and markings mean?  We do not have all the answers but at least in this section we have a start.  This section is always being updated, so check in often.

Finnish Civil Guard Numbers  Many Finnish Civil Guard rifles have an issue district number.  In this article many of those numbers are shown and listed.  This list is not complete and will be updated over time,

Finnish Mosin Nagant Production Numbers And Notes:  A section showing a chart that details Finnish production of the Mosin Nagant by model.  It shows not only barrel makers and production dates but includes total production notes.  Please check this out if you are new to the Mosin Nagant as it will give you a great starting point of reference.

The m/24 Civil Guard Rifle The M24 is one of the most desirable of all the Mosin Nagants to the serious collector. Vic Thomas has updated this section with a comprehensive text revision and an expansive photo section detailing everything from the rifles and parts to bayonets and accessories.

The Finnish m/91 Rifle:  This section is being updated but at least one article is still in place, this article dealing with the Finnish made M91's.

The Finnish m/27    Until WW2 the M27 was the main battle rifle of the SA.  Vic Thomas has done the most complete coverage of the M27 Rifle and Carbine that can be found in English.

The Finnish m/28 Rifle : This section on the m/28 rifle is covered by Vic Thomas.! The photo section contains over 50% more pictures. This is the most comprehensive coverage of the model 1928 Civil Guard's rifle on the net.

The Finnish Model m/28-30: Vic Thomas has updated this area to a brand new section with several pages of in depth text and over 15 pages of photos.  The most complete overview of these Civil Guard issued rifles on the net.

The Finnish m/1939 UPDATED! Maybe the best of all the Mosin Nagants and one of the most collected versions of all the Finnish rifles. In the most comprehensive article written in english, Vic Thomas covers the rifle in detail from its infancy to its rare sniper variations.

Finnish Issue Of The M1891/1930 Rifle  This article covers both Soviet and Finnish made M91/30 rifles.  It covers history and has a number of photos.

SA Man   Doug Bowser has three articles he has donated to the site.  They deal with Finnish Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifles and 54R ammo tests.

Pistols And Machine Guns:

Miscellaneous Finnish Issue Arms   Some of the other weapons that the Finns used in their fight for freedom.   This section has grown and the listings there much more complete than in the past.  This is a massive listing that covers handguns, rifles, carbines, machine guns, light machine guns, and submachine guns.  In English there are few sources this complete.

The Finnish Maxims  The Maxim MG is often thought of as a Russian and Soviet weapon but they were also very important to the nation of Finland.

Finnish History And Issue Items:

The SuojeluskuntaA very detailed section of the history of the Finnish Civil Guard.  This section has a text, photo, and even a Civil Guard district map section.  It it the most in depth English summary of the Civil Guard done by one of Mosin Nagant Dot Net's Finnish contributors.

The Fire And Ice Interview:  An interview with Ben Strout the producer of the Winter War documentary Fire And Ice.  The interview done by Brent Snodgrass of Mosin Nagant Dot Net and Marshall Kregal of Kev Os 4 Dot Com.

Simo Häyhä:  A link that will take the reader to articles dealing with the greatest sniper that ever lived.


Finnish War Helmets: The Finnish issue helmets are quite rare and interesting collector's items.  In this article some background, history, photos, and tips are given for those interested in this hobby.

Military Tunics Of Finland 1918-1945:  One of the most detailed and complete sections ever done on this subject in the English language by Vic Thomas. This article covers Finnish tunics early to late in detail rarely seen.  The article is filled with photos of issue combat tunics, headgear, boots, greatcoats, and various Finnish issue items. Recently updated with new finds and pictures!

Jatkosota 1941-44: The reasons behind the Finnish-Soviet War of 1941-44.  An interesting article from the Finnish webmaster of Winter War Dot Com.

The 1941-1944 Finnish-Soviet War - An article by Brent Snodgrass done in support of the Emmy Award winning DVD Fire And Ice.

The Lapland War - An article by Brent Snodgrass done in support of the Emmy Award winning DVD Fire And Ice.

Finnish Re-enacting:  Educational living history of Finland from Kev Os 4 the only full time Finnish Army re-enactors unit in the USA.

Treaty Winter War   The text of the treaty that ended the Winter War.

Finnish International Grand Festival: Pictures and comments from the 2005 Finnish International Grand Festival held in Marquette Michigan in August 2005. Vic Thomas participated as featured exhibitor of Finnish military weapons and history and Brent Snodgrass participated as a featured speaker on the Soviet offensive of 1944 and the Finnish defensive lines and response.


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