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Stock Markings (Carvings) From Finnish/Soviet Arms

If you have such markings please email them to Tuco@Mosin-Nagant.Net So they can be added to this section

Stock from a Finnish marked SVT40

Strange pattern also from a SA marked SVT40 (same rifle as above)  Like markings have popped up in the past.

VA? marking on a M28 Finnish Mosin Nagant.  The VA? marking seems to be somewhat common as it has been seen on at least 4 other rifles.

From a Finnish marked M96 Swedish Mauser  AK?  Or maybe a version of the VA as seen above?   Note this photo could be looked at as upside down or even reversed.  It is hard to tell which way the photo should go as the carving could have been added from the top or the bottom of the stock.  Without knowing that I just posted the photo as is so the AK? might really read VA? from the opposite side.

Another AK(?) from a Finnish captured New England Westinghouse M91

Odd double strike stamp from a Finnish captured M91/30

VP? marking on same M91/30 as above

MU?  From a 1927 dated M91 rifle.

Odd Tikka (?) From a M91.

PP(?) marking from a rear buttstock

RK marking also from a rear buttstock.

Unknown marking from buttstock of a M27 rifle.

Y(?) marking near magazine.

VK(?) rear buttstock of a M27 rifle.

SS(?) rear buttstock of a M27 rifle.

H in place of rear stock disc from a M27 rifle.

Unknown from a M27 rifle.

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