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Photos from the Thomas Collection


romanianmarks.jpg (7750 bytes)

Romanian markings.  They do look much like the Soviet markings but the upper crest is different as is the arrow proof.

eastgerman44.jpg (8723 bytes)

East German M/44. These are M44 carbines manufactured in Russia, so they will have Russian proofs and factory markings. The East German markingf is the 1 in the triangle. This number can also be a 2 or a 3.  These are also starting to show up more often in the US market, since the fall of the DDR. They still are not what one would call common.


hungarym44.jpg (8361 bytes)

Hungarian M44 markings.  The 02 is the Eastern Bloc country code for Hungary and is seen on all barrel shank markings.

polish11.jpg (9307 bytes)

Polish M44 markings.  These may be the finest of all the Model 1944 Carbines ever manufactured.

chinamarking1.jpg (10898 bytes)

Early Type 53 markings.


chinamarking2.jpg (9015 bytes)

Later Type 53 Carbine.  Many of these later manufactured Type 53's found their way into Vietnam.


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