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The Estonian Use Of The Mosin

Nagant Line Of Rifles/Carbines


Part Two - Text And Photo Area

From Brent Snodgrass



An Independence War photo done in the studio showing two Estonian freedom fighters.  Notice the bandoliers with 54R ammo. 

The cockades are the Estonian tri color - blue, black, white.

Estonian soldiers of the 9th Regiment in the early 1920's with a mix of uniform types but all armed with the M91 Mosin Nagant. Photo Josh Anderson

Another Independence War period photo showing a great mix of arms.  Mosin Nagant M91's, Japanese Rifles, as well as a mixture of LMG's

Photo Brent Snodgrass .

Estonian troopers in 1921 armed with the Mosin Nagant M91.  The slings are interesting as these are older British slings. 

The soldiers have the Estonian national cockade on thier caps.  Photo Brent Snodgrass

1930's photo of an Estonian unit during Winter traning.  The soldiers are armed with Mosin Nagants outfitted with bayonets.


A mix of rifles used in Estonia as shown by the Military History Museum in Tartu.  The first rifle on the left is a Remington made M91, a German GEW 98, a Japanese Type 38, a British P14, and the Mosin Nagant on the far right is a Finnish made M28-30. It is not clear when the Finnish rifle came to Estonia.It might have come to Estonia from an Estonian that once served in Finland or could have come much later, as Finlanddid send arms to Estonia in the 1990's.  Most of these later arms were older designs that were no longer in Finnish service.


Two versions of Mosin Nagant M91-30 manuals in the Estonian language.  The top photo shows a full manual printed in 1948 while the lower two photos are of a smaller basic handout printed in 1945.  These were made to assist Estonian soldiers that became members of the Red Army during Soviet occupation.

Brent Snodgrass Collection

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