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Variations of the Rifles Mosin-Nagant: A good article from Karl-Heinz Wrobel that gives a listing of the various Mosin Nagants by issue nation.

Model 1944 Carbine Clones:  A fast overview of proofs and like markings.

Captured Mosin Nagant RiflesA fine article from Kevin Carney, John Sheehan and Robert W. Edwards, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret) on the many variants of captured Mosin Nagant rifles.  This is a great general article that covers a lot of ground.

WW1 Bayonet Adaptations Of Captured Mosin Nagant Rifles:  UPDATED!  John Sheehan has done it yet again with this great article that covers a little known area of Mosin Nagant collecting.   John's fine work is setting the standard on this type of research.

Mosin Nagant Three Line Rifle Sling Swivel VarationsAlso from John Sheehan and dealing with the WW1 era.  This covers a number of nations and is quite interesting.   A must read for the Mosin collector as it clears up a lot of incorrect information.


The Chinese Type 53 Carbine: The Chinese manufactured an outstanding clone of the M44 Carbine.   This article has text and photos of these infamous firearms. Often overlooked as a collector's carbine, these are very interesting arms in their own right.


The Polish M44 Carbine:  The Poles have always been noted for their fine small arms.  The Polish M44 is considered by many as the one of the best Mosin Nagants ever produced.   They have an interesting Cold War history.

East Germany

East German M44 and M91/30:   While the East Germans never manufactured the Mosin Nagant, they did make use of the Soviet version.  Many of these will have East German proofs and are rather uncommon finds.


Romanian M44 and M91/30:  The Romanians also manufactured the M44 Carbine and it has also come to light they produced a version of the M91/30 rifle.  Photos and text.

INSTRUCTIE - Romanian Issued Rifles: The history of these Romanian marked rifles have always been a bit of a mystery.  Kevin Carney does a fine job with this overview of these collectable rifles.


Hungary's Mosin Nagants:  The nation of Hungary not only produced a version of the PU Sniper Rifle but also their homegrown version of the M91/30 and M44 Carbine.

PU Sniper Rifle: One of the more common Vietnam bringbacks is the fine Hungarian manufactured PU sniper.   This is a photo section only.  Please see the sniper section ( to open soon ) for text details.


The M91/38 Carbine Yet another Cold War carbine that is fast becoming a collector's item.

Serbia and Montenegro

WW1 Serbian and Montenegrin M91's:   From JPS and Kevin Carney.  This is part one with a WW2 usage article in the works.  Of all the articles on this site, this is one of the most groundbreaking as all the info is being published here for the first time.


Blindee: The 8mm conversions are oddballs that are not seen too often.   Kevin Carney covers these strange rifles-carbines in this work.

Estonia & Latvia

The Estonian Mosin Nagant Rifle : Much of the information seen in this article has not been published outside of Estonia.  The Estonians not only made use of the Mosin Nagant but also produced their own versions.  A MUST READ.


TurkeyTurkish Mosins and Mausers:  Terence Lapin brings forth an article that deals for the most part with the Turkish Mauser but he does touch on the use of the Mosin Nagant in Turkey.


Bannerman Rifles:   The US based company did a number of interesting conversions to the Mosin Nagant and this work is covered by Kevin Carney of North China Arms.

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