From left to right: 1950 "D" Ball , 1951 "D" Ball , Steel Core Heavy Ball Copper Washed Case, Steel Core Heavy Ball Laquared Case , 1978 "LPS" Laquared Case, 1989 "LPS", Blank, Blank

Headstamp Codes:

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Hungary used three different bullets in loading Ball ammunition:


Hungary and Poland are a special case in the communist arsenal code number system. Both countries use code 21. To tell them apart, the dates have different orientations. When looking at the headstamp with the arsenal code at 12 o'clock, Hungary's date code will be right side up and Poland will have the date inverted. Hungarian casings are light gray laquared steel or copper washed. Polish laquered casings will appear different, being dark green or brown instead of gray.

Hungarian Headstamp 21
Polish Headstamp 21

(Date Inverted)


Until the 1980's, Hungarian ammunition was packaged in wax paper bundles of 20, tied with a string. There is usually an inspectors tag (a small piece of paper with a number and designation in Hungarian) included in the bundle. 22 bundles are sealed in a 440 round forest green tin. Later date ammunition is packed in 20 round buff colored boxes instead of paper bundles.

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20 round wax paper bundle containing silver tipped LPS. Mid 70's date.
440 round tin containing silver tipped LPS. Mid 70's date.
20 round box containing LPS. No tip color, 1987 date.
440 round tin containing LPS. No tip color, 1987 date.