April 2006

Estonia: This article has been in the works for a while but has been delayed a number of times. The main reason for the delay was the death of Hannes Walter - the director of the Laidoneri Museum. Hannes was a great guy and I was able to gain a wealth of information from him over the past few years. I also must thank the Estonian Ministry Of Defense as they have been helpful in my research.

I plan on some updates to this section in the summer as I should have some photos, manuals, line drawings, and the like from Estonian production by this time. Sorry these are not in place now but again due to a number of reasons this just did not happen - Still I wanted to go ahead and share the information that I have on hand.

A great part of this information has never been seen outside of Estonia so I am pleased to bring this to the site users. Estonia is one of those nations whose history has been clouded by being a part of the former USSR and Estonian history is just now becoming accessable.

Estonia is a country that I have found very interesting and over the years I have built a decent collection of Estonian tunics-photos-and other issue gear. Much of this will be shown later this summer on Estonian Arms Dot Com - Along with articles from Estonian and Finnish authors dealing with Estonian history, miliary history, and even issue tunics. I was also able to share some of these photos in the article as well as photos from other collectors.

So at long last

May 2006:

Another article added to the Finnish section of the site dealing with the Finnish production and totals of the Mosin Nagant rifle-carbine.  Please check it out as this is a good starting point for collectors.

There have been a great many updates to the site in the past four months but few have been posted on this update section - sorry a mistake on our part.  The Finnish uniform section is updated, the bayonet (Finn) is also updated, there have been some updates on the M27 section as well.  Also a new listing of Finnish issue arms was just added to the Finnish Section.  Many more updates coming very soon.  I will make sure to post them here (again sorry) - Brent Snodgrass May 21, 2006

April 2005:

The Fire And Ice interview done by Brent Snodgrass of Mosin Nagant Dot Net and Marshall Kregal of Kev Os 4 Dot Com will open June 1 at 7pm Est in the Finnish section of the site.  The Fire and Ice documentary deals with the Winter War of 1939-1940.

May 2005:

Vic Thomas has updated the M28 section so make sure to check it out. There is a lot of new info and fresh photos that have been added.

The M38 carbine section was updated with text and photos.


April 2005:

There have been a number of smaller updates done since August but most were minor so were not listed.  There was an update done today on the M91-30 rifle as issued to Finland, this being mentioned as some new - better information has come to light - Due to a recent trip to Finland (research trip).  Next month there should be a number of new articles in place and even more updates done to artilces already on the site.

August 2004:

The History Of The Finnish Civil Guard is now open in the Finnish section of Mosin Nagant Dot Net. This was a pretty large undertaking and I think most site users will enjoy it. What started out as a general overview turned into a large work, and I have to thank JTV for the article and Charlie Bowlesfor working on the editing (a big help). Enjoy


July 2004:

Due to a server move and the growth of Gunboards.com we have been a bit behind on the site, sorry about that but site growth sometimes forces us to get behind on updates.  This site and Gunboards is almost a full time job now.  That is a good thing but does create some "time" issues now and again.

•  The M24 section is updated and is outstanding. The new section is massive and covers these rifles in much greater detail.

•  JPS' article on the bayonet adaptations of Mosin Nagant M91's is now updated once again as the photo section is now open and ready for your viewing. Due to a mistake I made last year this area has been down, as an HTML mistake added to the loss of materials when my home PC crashed caused some major issues.  John's work is one of the main reasons Mosin Nagant Dot Net is on the leading edge of Mosin Nagant research.

There is a lot in the works and once Vic and I have some free time new areas will open.  The History Of The Finnish Civil Guard  is almost done and it is hoped will open sometime early next month.  This is a massive work that site users should find of interest.  The article is authored by a Finnish site contributor.

There have been a number of small updates added to the site in the past year but they are not noted here.  Again the downtime and server move effected this.  Also www.mosin-nagant.net should be working soon along with www.mosinnagant.net  - Tuco

July 2003:

UPDATED!  John Sheehan has done it yet again with this great article that covers a little known area of Mosin Nagant collecting.   John's fine work is setting the standard on this type of research. Check out his WW1 bayonet adaptations pages.

An interesting article on the Bannerman conversions of the Mosin Nagant is now open in the Global/Worldwide Mosin Nagant Section.

June 2003:

Vic and I had a great time in Finland and will be doing some updates on the site with new info and photos.  I did update the Finnish tunic and Finnish helmet section with some new photos.  There is a lot in the works but only so much time, please bear with us.  The amount of information on this site is simply put the most complete and indepth there is in English and it takes awhile to get this all together.

There will be a new battlefield tour in May of 2004 that will cover Finland and the former USSR.  The plan is for 10 days and it will be headed by Vic Thomas and myself along with two parties in Finland.

May 2003:

Vic and I will be in Finland this month so I do not think there will be time for updates.

April 2003:

The new and much improved M28/30 section is now open in the Finnish Area.  A very well done and complete history of these outstanding rifles.   Text and photos!!

March 2003:

Romanian Mosin Nagant training rifles is now open in the Worldwide Section.  Sorry for the delay as we were having site issues last month.

Jan 2003:

We have been so busy that updates have been few and far between however this month will see some action.  There is a new article from Kevin Carney in the Global Mosin Nagant section dealing with 8mm conversions and Kevin will have another article opening later this week on Romanian Mosin Nagant training rifles.  The Finnish Tunic Section will open in the next day or so as well.

Finnish Tunic Section is open as of 6:30 PM 1-28-03

August 2002:

A new article has opened in the Finnish Section dealing with the fighting from 1941-44.  From the Finnish webmaster of Winter War Dot Com.

July 2002:

Saying Goodbye to Simo Häyhä - The World's Greatest Sniper - is now open in both the Finnish and Sniper sections of the site.  Done due to the death of this fine man April 1, 2002.

An update has been done on the Finnish helmet section.

Finnish Weapons Area - Russian Weapons Area - have new titles as we are expanding coverage to other fields, not just weapons.

May 2002:

Finnish issue helmets article added to the Finnish Weapons Area.

March 2002:

Winter War: The DVD is covered in First Shot Reviews.

Two new book reviews are open in Tuco's First Shot.  The Soviet Invasion Of Finland, 1939-40 as reviewed by Kevin Beswick.  Also Hitler's Garand, German Self Loading Rifles Of WW2, as reviewed by Vic Thomas.

A new review of Rifles Of The White Death added to First Shot Reviews.

February 2002:

Remember the SOS and NGD are this month, so we will be away to cover these shows around the dates of 20-25.

New review opens: Jonas Of Kiivijarvi: Finnish Freedom Fighter is the work of the Finnish American author Leslie W Wisuri with the book being based on stories told to him by his grandfather, an early 1900’s immigrant from Finland.

January 2002:

A bit of a change of pace:  An article on the only full time Finnish Army re-enactors unit here in the USA, Kev Os 4 - Light Unit Number Four has opened in the Finnish area.

The Finnish Mosin Nagant FAQ is now open in the Finnish Section.

The first update of the new year is in the Finnish Section.  An updated article "Finnish Issue Of The M1891/1930 Rifle" is now open.  I hope you enjoy it.  There is more information and many new photos.

November 2001:

110 Years Of The 7.62X54R Ammo Section is now open.  11-24-01

The Finnish M27 Section has opened again and is much improved.  There is a ton of new information and photos that were added by Vic Thomas.  

Also I have the updated info from Gene for the ammo pages, and this should open in the next week or so.  It will for sure be open before December.

The Finnish Use Of The M91/30 Rifle is in the works and should open in the January.  As I am working on the ammo section and other parts of the site, I am a bit pressed for time.  This will open ASAP.

I want to welcome AIM, MG34.Com, and Rich Reich aboard as new sponsors to the site.

October 2001:

Another year in the books.  Thanks for all the support.

September 2001:

September 11th is a day we will always remember.  God Bless those we lost on this day.  America will be avenged.

Things have been busy and this site has not been updated much as of late, for that I am sorry.  

1) We have moved the forum boards to http://www.gunboards.com/ which is a server we own.  A number of new boards are now open and membership is on the rise.  Check out the new boards as there is something there for everyone.

2) In the First Shot Section a new review has opened on the Soviet Sniper Manual.  It is worth checking out.

3) There is a lot in the works for this site with MASSIVE updates in the works for every section of the site.

August 16th 2001

This is a dark day as our friend Randolph Koivisto of Finnbear International has passed.  He was a great friend and teacher.  We will all miss him as the world will never be the same without him.  We love you Randy and will miss you.  It is hard to believe that only in June we were together in Finland having the time of our lives.   A sad and dark day and I will always carry with me.

June 2001:

We are back safe and sound from 16 days in the Baltic States, Russia, and Finland.  A great time was had by all and new information will be posted in time.  My thanks to my good friend Randoplh Koivisto for a great time!!!!

We now own the new server and are in the process of setting it up.  Unless the sky falls we will open later this month.  Sorry for the delay but this was more work than we figured.

In the First Shot Review Section there is a new addition as the translated Mosin Nagant Manual is now online.  Check it out.

May 2001:

I am leaving for a great trip to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Russia.  I will be back next month with details.

April 2001:

Soviet M44 section is updated with new photos and some new information.

March 2001:

Enemy At The Gate Review added to Tuco's First Shot

Updated Finnish section with stock markings section.

Really a busy month as we are planning the server move with new boards, auctions, classifieds, webhosting, email, and much more in the works.  BUSY BUSY BUSY.

The M38 Carbine Section will open as soon as I can get it done.  Same with Gene's ammo section.

Feb 2001:

An update was done to the sniper section dealing with a meeting of one of the greatest snipers of all time.

The M39 section will open tomorrow, it is 07/18/03 as I write this, and should be quite a help to collectors of these great rifles.

There were some good photos added to the Finnish Maxim section and a bit more information as well.

Slowly we are updating almost every article and section of the site and it is hard to list all the changes here.  Best to look around and see if anything new has popped up. 

 New boards, auctions, classifieds, website hosting, email, and much more on the way.

January 2001:

Two new book reviews have been done on Tuco's First Shot section.

My review of a book on Finnish ranks and Kim Ball's rifle on a new Enfield book.  This is Kim's first review and he did an outstanding job.

There is a major change in the works that will expand this site quite a bit.  As such the site will not have too many updates this month as there is a lot of work going on to prepare for this.  More soon.

December 2000:

The Finnish M91 article is now open.

Tuco's First Shot Review has done a lot of work on a number of books that are now listed.  I was also able to review the M1910 Russian Maxim from AA, which is also listed at this time.

There were some photos added to the Misc Finnish Issue section of the Mauser 1914 and CZ24 pistols.

Due to personal illness the M39 Section will have to wait until next month.

November 2000:

The Maxim Section is now open in the Finnish Weapons Area of the site.

The next big projects are the Soviet M38 Carbine Section and the Finnish M39 Section.  Vic Thomas is almost done with the M38 and I will be dedicating most of the next month to the M39.

October 2000:

Lans Spotting scope is now reviewed by Tuco's First Shot.

A review on the IO Maxim dummy gun will open this month as will a section in the Finnish weapons section that deals with the Finnish use of the Maxims M09/21 and M32/33.

The SVT Section is open once again in the Russian Weapons Area.  The new section has many more photos and facts.

Inter Ordanance is now a part time sponsor of the Italian Weapons Forum and also a sponsor of the main site.  Please check their website out for some interesting items.

September 2000:

Well we made it back from Russian alive and well.   The 34 people that went on this trip had the time of a lifetime as we saw many interesting places/items.  It was a blast.

In the works for this month:

I have a deal in place now with Inter-Ordnance and will be field testing a number of their Finnish and Russian items on the site.    I think this will be a good thing for all as it should grant the users a first look at what is in stock.  Along this front I will be field testing their SR-41 PPSh41 semi auto and their Finnish M1921 (M09/21) Maxim dummy guns in the near future.

I am also working on a page that gives some of the details on the trip to Finland and Russia.  The Finnish section of this should open at the end of the month.

The SVT section will also be open again soon.

Lastly please note that the forums are under a new server.  They will soon stop working at http://www.paradise-web.com/ and will change over to http://www.hotboards.com/.   Please see the discussion board section of the site for the correct links.

August 2000:


It has been a long summer for me as I just moved into a new home.  It is a real pain moving firearms into a new location and I hope I do not have to go through this again for a long time.

There is a great new article on the Worldwide Mosin Nagant section that was donated by the fellows at MCC.   MCC has recently closed with Robert Edwards retiring and Kevin Carney going back to North China Arms, so I am grateful they donated this fine article that covers a lot of ground on the Mosin Nagant.

Tuco's First Shot Product Review is now open in the Collector's Area of the site.  The first edition is on the Star Model B pistol.

JPS has come through and added two great new articles to the site.  They both deal with the M91 rifle.  One covers the use of sling swivels while the other deals with bayonet adapters.  These articles are in both the Russian and Worldwide sections of the site.

I am headed to Finland and Russia at the end of this month for a large outing.  It should be a lot of fun and I will be back on line one or about the 15th of September.

March 2000:

The Mosin-Nagant Sniper match is going on now.   See the sniper section for details.

The photo section of the Sniper Area is now open.

Terence Lapin has a new article in the Worldwide Mosin Nagant area that deals with Turkish use of the Mosin Nagant.

There are three new articles in the sniper area.    Two that deal with sighting in the Mosin Nagant PU and the other with how to spot a reproduction.

Cole Distributing has joined Mosin-Nagant Dot Net as sponsor of the Workbench and the Mannlicher Forum.  I welcome this fine group to the Mosin-Nagant Dot Net family.

The Reloader's Shack is now known as The Workbench.   Its topics have grown as has the use. 

The Mannlicher and Steyr Forum is now open.   Please make use of these new forum that covers two interesting line of firearms.

I have also added a feedback page so make use of it if you want to drop me a note.

Look for some new articles in the Collector's Area soon that deal more with pricing and the way to make a purchase from a dealer over the Net.

The Mosin-Nagant Dot Net Store will also open soon.  There will be a lot of neat Mosin Nagant items as well as a number of items that deal with Finnish, Soviet, Eastern European, and Chinese firearms.    Also there will be Mosin-Nagant Dot Net hats and shirts for sale in the near future.

Feb 2000:

The first part of the Sniper Section is now open.   The text section of "Sniper Rifles Of The Red Star", by Vic Thomas, is open.  The photo section will follow later in the week.  This entire section will grow soon as many more sniper articles are in the works.

Mosin Nagant Dot Net is pleased that TN GUNS, Terence Lapin,  and Finnbear International have joined as sponsors.  TN GUNS is the sponsor of the new AK and SKS Forum and Finnbear brings a gunshow listing to the site.   I am very pleased to have these fine people on line with us.

There is a new article in the Russian section from Karl-Heinz.  It deals with the Mosin Nagants manufactured in France for Imperial Russia.

There is a bit of a new look to the site and a new area.  I have opened an area called "Other Nations Mosin Nagants" that will deal with the nations outside of Russia and Finland that made use of the Mosin Nagant.    In this new section one will find a great new article from JPS and Kevin Carney that deals with Serbian use of the Mosin Nagant.  Other firearms of the Eastern Bloc and China will be featured here over time.

Jan 2000: We are still here!

Well Y2k was not all it was made up to be was it?

There is a new forum on the site and I am sure it will be a HOT one.  Tuco's AK and SKS Forum is now open.  Please stop in on the fun.  07/18/03

December:  WOW WHAT A MONTH!!

First Terence Lapin, author of The Mosin Nagant Rifle, added a new section in the Russian area of the site:  Lapin's Guide To Essential Mosin Russian  which should help out all Mosin Nagant owners.  Mr Lapin has also come out with a new Mosin Nagant Manual. 

Secondly a number of new sections were added to the Interactive Area of the site.  I have added a Reloader's Shack with Win ( sponsored by Terence Lapin ), an Italian Firearms Forum, and a Japanese and French Firearms Forum ( sponsored by Military Collectors Consortium )  All in all a busy month with a number of new additions.  I am very pleased to have MCC as a sponsor as they are a great dealer.   What a fun month!!  Merry Christmas and a Happy 2000 ( if you are reading this in 2000 then you know we made it.  Y2K and all )