England and Other Countries

From Left to Right: G 17, K 24, Austrian Dummy, North Korean 93 Ball, Zambian Z23 Ball

Headstamp Codes:

C.17.F.1 C.18.F.1 E.17 G.17 G.18
Kynoch 17 K 24 K 32 K 40 SFM
DM 17 PM 17 FNC Z23 93
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During World War I, England and other countries made 7.62x54R. The English firm Kynoch had contracts with Russia and later, Finland, to produce ammunition. The rounds used the "L" style bullet and were loaded in brass casings. Headstamps of C,E,G,K and Kynoch were used. A year code was included. The German firms, DM (Deusche Metallpatronefabrik) and Polte, made 7.62x54R ammunition during WWI for use in captured Moisin-Nagants. Headstamps were DM or PM (for Polte) and included the year they were loaded. 5 round stripper clips were also marked DM. The French made 7.62x54R prior to WWI. The letters SFM were marked on headstamps and 10 round boxes. Mexico produced military 7.62x54R in the 1920's headstamped F.N.C. Manipulation dummies were made by Austria in the 1950's from Russian casings, drilled then filled with plastic. Ammunition from the African country of Zambia uses a factory code of Z 23. A brass washed steel cased ball round with a 93 factory code is believed to be from North Korea.



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German made stripper clip. WWI era by DM - Deutsche Metallpatronefabrik