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Major Site Authors

Vic ThomasVic has been collecting Finnish, Russian, and Soviet firearms for almost 25 years.  His knowledge of the Mosin Nagant and the SVT rifles is reflected in the fine articles he has added to the site.  He is without a doubt one of the leading authorities on the Mosin Nagant and SVT in the world.  Vic's work has been published in a number of outlets and his fine repuation is known worldwide.  A true leading expert and researcher.

Brent "Tuco" Snodgrass:  Owner and founder of Mosin-Nagant Dot Net and Gunboards.Com.Brent is the co-author of Finland At War, a book dealing with the Finnish/Soviet wars from 1939 to 1944.  Brent has also edited and assisted in other military history related projects including reference works on First Republic Estonian tunics.  A contributor in many printed works on the Mosin Nagant, including the Mosin Nagant Rifle by Terence Lapin and the German work Drie Linen Mosin Nagant by Karl-Heinz Wrobel. He is the US Group leader of Battletours taking an active role in directing battlefield tours in Finland, Russia, and the Baltic States. Brent has also done background and historical sections on the Finnish military for the PBS release of Fire And Ice.  The main focuses of Brent’s collection is Finnish and Soviet Arms 1891-1945, Baltic State militaria, as well as a recent concentration on World War One US tunics and helmets.  He has spent time in Europe researching his field of study in museum and private collections. Brent has acted as an advisor and agent to US firearms importers, distributors, and dealers.

Doug Bowser:  Doug's fine book, Rifles Of The White Death, has done much to further Finnish Mosin Nagant collecting in the US.   Doug's book has combined information from sources both from the United States and in Finland. He kindly donated his knowledge of the Finnish Sniper Rifle with the text and line drawings on the site.  He also has contributed his own research and test results of various Mosin Nagant ammo, located in the Finnish Weapons Area. Doug has recently retired from Great Southern Arms.


Terence Lapin:  The author of The Mosin Nagant Rifle  is another welcomed researcher that has offered his service to the site.   His article on the Mosin Nagants manufactured in the United States for Imperial Russia is one of the finest on the site.  He also donated some of the proof marks of these rifles for the article.  Terence has always been there to lend assistance when there was a need.  His input has been most welcome and his book is the "handbook" for the serious Mosin Nagant collector.

Karl-Heinz Wrobel:  Is the author of the new book on the Mosin Nagant, Drei Linien Die Gewehre Mosin-Nagant  ( Three-Lines The Mosin Nagant Rifle ),.  His input on the forum, in the many emails that have passed between us, and his fine articles on Imperial Russian and Soviet Mosin Nagants has been invaluable.  Not only is Karl-Heinz a fresh source of information, he is also a trusted friend from Germany.  His fine book is only available in German at the moment but it serves as a qualified guide for all Mosin Nagant collectors.

John P. Sheehan:  John is one of the top US collectors of WW1 firearms and militaria.  His knowledge of these firearms is fantastic and he is also quite a guy.   He has be featured on the History Channel's  "Tales Of The Gun" and Mosin-Nagant Dot Net is most pleased to have his input.  John is one that is quick to share his knowledge and his wit.   A real asset to all collectors.

Kevin CarneyIs the owner of North China Arms and has long been known for his knowledge in the oddball military surplus firearms.  He is not only one of the better dealers out there, he is also one of the top researchers in the field of the Mosin Nagant.   He is a sponsor of this site as well as being a true friend to all collectors.

Lt. Col Edwards: An accepted authority on Indian Enfields with the completion of his book "Ishapore-India's Enfields" and formerly of Military Collectors Consortium.  He served 23 years as a fighter pilot in the United States Airforce and holds a doctorate in engineering as well as a lwa degree.  He has primarily collected Enfields for over 45 years and is the head of Consortium Press, a publishing company.

Gene Whitehead:  Gene is a longtime collector of arms and ammunition.  He is a true expert on a number of cartridges and has chosen to share his information with this site.  I have a lot of respect for Gene both personally and professionally.

Credits And Thanks

I must also send a note of thanks to the following:   Allan's Armory,  TN Guns, Empire Arms, Finnbear International, "Photoman" Jean P, Janne S, Mikko A, Jani of the ODAF,  my good buddy Antti Rokka, Hans G,   Anton P, Kelly H, Aarne I, Juha M, Mikko A, Timo H, Jani H, JPS, John Wall,  Doug H, Stan "The Man", icebear, David F, Fred S, David B, James T, Kyle J, Bill S, Ahab, Jarrko V, Jukka J, Todd G, Bob Ball, John Wall, JPS,  Richard Hobbs, Perry H, Brunskie, Doug Bowser,   David of Century International Arms, Dan Z, Tom S, Deacon, Jim S,  Brady, Toe-Knee, Cheap-Shot, Tailgunner, Bailout,  Colin in NC and Jimmy Dean Carter ( both are missed by all since thier passing ), Jose in the jungles of Peru,  Timo K, Jaarko M, and the many others that gone out of their way to assist me in one way or the other.  I am sure that I have left someone off of this list, and for that I am truly sorry.  So many have helped and my weak mind can recall so much these days.

Markku Palogankas for his knowledge and research that is a benefit to all Finnish collectors.

My buddy Sami of

Randolph Koivisto (1949-2001) My good friend and teacher.  I will always remember and miss you buddy.

Kev Os Four Finnish Re-enactors

Allegheny Arsenal

AIM Surplus

Wholesale Guns And Ammo

Inter Ordnance Of America

All the fellows on the Salpa-Line in Finland

Michael Litman  for all the editing and proofreading.

Paul Oats and John Mitchell.

Kirk G of Black Ice Gear for the main banner work on the site.  Also a note for all the help with the T-shirts.  I could not have done it without you.

All my deep felt and personal gratitude for all the site users.  I am always amazed at the knowledge you all share so freely with your fellow collectors.  I want to say a hello to my friends in Finland, Germany, Russia, Estonia, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Spain, Korea, and Guatemala.

There are so many that have added to this site that I can not mention everyone.   I must also thank all the forum users that have sent in photos and added their input over the past two years.  This site could not run without them.

Site Updates and News

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