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Site Overview:  Updates, author credits, resource information, and site overview

Discussion Boards:  You name the arm and we have the board to go with it.  Now a part of the Gunboards.Com Network of sites.

Finnish Weapons Area:  The Finnish Mosin Nagant, Maxim, and other weapons used by the nation of Finland are featured here.

The Russian/Soviet Weapons Area:   The Mosin Nagant, The SVT, and other Russian based firearms.

Global Mosin Nagants:  The Mosin Nagants of Eastern Europe, China, and other nations.

Sniper Section: Sniper Rifle Of The Red Star and other articles relating to the Russian/Finnish line of sniper rifles.

Tuco's First Shot:  Online product and book reviews of interest to the surplus collector.

The Mosin Nagant Dot Net Store:   Great items for the collector.

Collector's Tips:  A wide range of articles for the surplus collector.

Tuco's Hot Links:  The ticket to some of the better sites on the Net.

Gene's Ammo Section:  110 Years Of The 7.62X54R

Site Sponsors:  Those that provide the funds to keep this site free.

Site Dedication:  My heroes.

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