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"Of all the Internet sites that I have frequented that concern the Mosin Nagant series of weaponry, Mosin is by far the leader. It's in-depth look into the history, models and variations in text and photographs set the standard for others to follow. The forum areas allow collectors and renown experts as well as authors world wide to share their knowledge and expertise in real time with others. Mosin Nagant  Dot Net is a "bullseye" on any target. "- Vic Thomas

"Although the Mosin-Nagant web field is still in its infancy Tuco is its primary caregiver.   When the field grows up it will largely have Tuco to thank for its upbringing." - Terence Lapin, author of The Mosin Nagant Rifle.

"Tuco, I must say some words about your website.  I have surfed through the internet for a long time, looking for weapons sites, but your site is undoubtedly the best one.  It is packed full of knowledge and outstanding  information. I am very glad that I found it." - Karl-Heinz from Germany. Author of  Drei Linien Die Gewehre Mosin-Nagant   ( Three-Lines The Mosin Nagant Rifle )

"Being the sponsor of Tuco's Mauser Forum and having my banner on Tuco's Trader has given my Internet gun business, "Allan's Armory," quite a boost. As a new business starting in December of 1998, being on Tuco's has helped make it a success in less than a year. Whenever my site is mentioned, hits on my counter soar, averaging about 100 hits per day. Announcements by Tuco of new sales items I have posted has always increase traffic on my site. These hits translate to gun sales, as most of my clients mention they found my site (and placed an order) because they heard about me or saw my banner at Tuco's. The profits from these gun sales far outweigh the cost of advertising. I consider this money well spent!"- Allan of Allan's Armory

" The knowledge level of the Forum's users is truly amazing and the sense of community within the Forum has never been duplicated anywhere else. Because of the sense of community and Tuco's close moderation of the forum, there is very little of the strife that is found on nearly every "competitive" Internet Forum. In addition to my continued collecting activities, the contacts within the firearms industry that I made through the Forum recently allowed me to successfully start my own firearms business as a purchasing agent for the Law Enforcement community, municipalities and other entities. As an 01 FFL holder I regularly purchase firearms from dealers and wholesalers identified on the Forum and continue to use the Forum as a tool to locate new sources. Tuco's Collector's Firearm Forum is a unique place on the Internet."- Dave/Col9

"Of the many dozens of firearms forums Tuco's (in his numerous departments) is my personal favorite and certainly one of the best in content, management, layout, and respect for its participants. So much work obviously goes into them that it makes one wonder when the man sleeps."- Rabbit

"Since the collecting of Finnish rifles is really just in it's infancy, Tuco's Forum has given Finnish Collector's a place to congregate and call home - a place where we can discuss, learn, buy, sell, and constantly brag about our collections. It also has established a fair market value of most of the available Finnish rifles.  Tuco has done a fantastic job of keeping the Forum civilized. I have visited several similar sites on the "net", and have found that many of them have turned into "free for all's" with petty bickering and outright threats. Tuco has made it clear that this will not be tolerated and the folks who cause these problems will be banned." - Fred S

"Tuco's is the best site on the 'net for info on collectible firearms. While the concentration is on Mosin's, I've gotten good information and advice on everything from Brazilian Mausers to Iver Johnson pistols."- Doug H

"Century International Arms, strongly expresses its profound gratification in working together with TUCO’s FORUM on the world wide web, over the last two months. TUCO’s FORUM, has provided an extremely educational, and informative source for everybody associated with guns. The website features incredible links of information in the gun industry, from where to buy a specific gun, to an entire history lesson on the gun and the events of that era. Illuminating graphics on the site are also quite impressive. Flashing captions have made eye catching attention grabbers, directing the user to locating hard to find guns. The simplest instructions on how to preserve your relic of history, to the latest laws can also be found. The website is highlighted by the many different chat rooms, which have their own subject matter. The conversations that take place have become outstanding resources of information because of the intelligent and experienced people that take over as chief speaker during the dialogue. However, the average amateur has also been a very important part of the experience of the chat rooms because all feedback has become valuable information for the overall success of the site, and an educational experience for all the participants. Century has been able to learn what the consumer is looking for, and appreciate the knowledge of its clients. TUCO’s FORUM has also helped provide Century deliver better service to its clients by observing the feedback from the chat rooms. Century knows that the consumers word is what takes priority, and the information and client base that we have built up since joining TUCO’s team, has been stupendous. TUCO’s FORUM is the site for the aficionado to to stay on top of the latest information, and the amateur to become the ultimate aficionado."- David :  Century International Arms

"There are few great sites on the Net, but this is one of them"  John Jens

"The best Mosin Nagant info anywhere!" - Kelly Giles

"Can not wait till the next new section.  Great work" - Paul Ilio

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