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In preparing these short exposť's for the site the following references were consulted prior to publication:

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Small arms Today-E.C. Ezel:Stockpole book 1st and 2nd edition

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The various works of Timo Hyytinen

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The Mosin Nagant Rifle, Terence W Lapin - North Cape Publications

Rifles Of The White Death, Doug Bowser

Soviet - Finnish military works of various time frames - authors.

Many years of personal notes and observations of the authors

Interviews and conversations with collectors, researchers, weapons collectors - owners - militaria collectors - owners  in the United States,  Finland, Russia, Poland, England, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Japan, China, South Africa, Germany, Peru, Italy, and other nations from around the world.

Personal observations in private collections in the US, Finland, Russia, Estonia, as well as other nations.

Tours of armory areas abroad as well as personal interviews and discussions with armory personal.

Personal curator guided tours of military museums of Finland, Estonia, and Russia.

Military records and arsenal works in various nations.

Interviews with museum staff and curators - Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, USA, and other nations.

Direct information from various military surplus firearms importers, here as well as abroad.

Data from interviews with soldiers and others directly issued these arms.

Official manuals and records from various nations.

Various other documents both official and unofficial.


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