From left to right: Tracer. Ball, Proof, Dummy and Blank


PFA 21 Circled 21 343
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Poland began producing 7.62x54R shortly after WWII. Early rounds followed wartime marking practices with a factory code of PFA at 12 o'clock and the year at 9 oclock. By the 1950's, factory codes 21 and 343 were being used.

Both Poland and Hungary use the 21 factory code. Poland inverts the date in the headstamp when compared with Hungarian markings. Polish casings are dark green or brown laquar with the latest casings copper washed steel.

Polish Headstamp 21

(Date Inverted)

Hungarian Headstamp 21



Generally packed in 20 round string tied bundles in 440 round tins.

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20 Round Bundle of Ball
20 Round Bundle of Tracers
Sectioned round and 440 Round Tin of the T-46 Tracer. Note the green stripe.


7.62x54R Broken shell extracter
7.62x54R Headspace guage