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Rifles Of The Red Star:  The roots of the Mosin-Nagant snipers as used in Finland, the USSR, the DDR, and a number of other nations.   There is an introduction section from Tuco, which is followed by a photo and text section from Vic Thomas.   This section is one of the first of its kind in English and covers a lot of ground.  There is no finer article on this subject.

Simo Hayha:  A link that will take the reader to articles dealing with the greatest sniper that ever lived.

Soviet Sniper Training 1932:    From a  posting on my forum.  This article relates the training exercises of Red Army Snipers in 1932.

How To Spot A Fake PU Sniper:  There are a lot of fakes being sold as the real deal.  Making a mistake on this can and will cost you several hundred dollars.  This article should help you spot the real from the reproduction.

Sighting In A PU Sniper:  Two articles from Paul Oats and John Mitchell that will really help one sight in their sniper rifle.  They are very detailed and very well done.

Planned Articles: Modern Russian Sniper Rifles, Finnish Sniper Stories, And More.

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