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Red Army Sniper Training 1932

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Taken from a post by Merkewürdigleibe on Tuco's Collectors Forum

The following is taken from a recent posting on Tuco's Collectors Forum.  It deals with the Red Army's Sniper training from 1932.  I want to thank Merkewürdigleibe for posting it and letting me make use of it here on my main site.  Merkewürdigleibe is one of the most knowledgeable posters on the forum and he has always been quick to share the fruits of his research.

Many Thanks Merke,


Subject: Soviet Army Sniper training 1932


Here you go, Tuco.

Since I first found this info I have communicated with other MN collectors who have accessed these documents, as I have, from the National Archives.

Excerpts from the Soviet Army Musketry Manual 1932

Source: US Military Attaché, Riga, Latvia. Report # 8272

March 29 1933 Received @ War Dept Washington April 18 1933

MI Div document # 2037-1998 Secret Subject:Soviet Army Sniper Training {excerpts, M} Training Program:

Exercise #1 Open sights circular target 300/400 meters, 26 rounds, 3 sighters, 10 record at each distance. Prone with support. Minimum score @ each range: 60

Exercise #2 Telescopic sight Target: figure w/ LMG 800 meters 5 rounds, unlimited time allowed, prone w/ support. Minimum score: 2 hits.

Exercise #3, two man team. Sights: not specified, target 1/2 sil disappearing type x2. 300 & 400 m. 5 rounds 35 seconds after loading, any position. Minimum score: hit both targets @ both ranges w/i specified time.

Exercise #4 Sights not specified. Target: rapidly moving light tank w/driver figure, range 300 m. 5 rounds Requirements: rifleman makes 50m rush to prone position, Tank appears for 25 seconds; moves 50 m in that time. 2 hits.

Exercise #5 open and telescopic sights. Targets: periscope. loophole, head and 1/2 figures. 15 rounds, time: 10 minutes familiarization, 75 sec firing course, + one unlimited target, not specified. Requirements: targets disappear or run at random ranges from 100-500 m. random times and intervals, to front and flanks. (score not specified) The entire training course is repeated several times, using 200 rounds 7.62mm, before the five stated record exercises. In addition, the preparatory sniper training also uses 110 rounds of .22 cal familiarization firing.

'The sniper's weapon is the ordinary rifle which has been chosen @ the factory for it's ballistic qualities. An accurate record is kept of it's use and all cartridges fired.'

W.E. Shipp

(signed) W. E. Shipp, Major, GS Military Attaché

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