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From The MHC Collector's Series

The SVT Manual TranslatedMHC has done what others have only claimed to do as they have translated an original Soviet SVT manual.  This is a must have item for the SVT38 - SVT40 or general Soviet collector.  An outstanding item done in great detail.  The manual was done under the guidance of one of the top researchers of the SVT and translated by Terence Lapin.

The Soviet M91/30 Poster A copy of the original training poster issued to Red Army troops in 1940!  What a great item for display on the wall of your gunroom.   Very detailed and a great buy.

The Finnish M28/30 Mosin Nagant PosterOne of the most interesting posters one will see with many great informational additions.  This is a good one that every Finnish collector should have.  This fine poster also features the Civil Guard district numbers - worth the price alone.

From The Mosin-Nagant Dot Net Cellar

The Gunboards.Com Hat:  SOLD OUT FOR NOW _  SORRY - Maybe early Fall a new shipment witll be in.

Finnish Ammo Pouches: SOLD OUT!

Finnish M39 Bayonets: SOLD OUT!

M91 Handguards, Bayonets, Cleaning Rods, Slings : Back in stock late summer early fall.

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