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Michigan Historical Collectables:

Soviet Training Poster

Mosin Nagant M91/30

MHC-Poster.jpg (68443 bytes)

Michigan Historical Collectables is proud to release a reproduced training poster as issued to Soviet troops in 1940:

For the Russian Mosin Nagant model 1891-30 rifle and shows it's operation and parts in schematic drawings. This poster was issued to the troops to learn how to clean, operate and disassemble their new weapons at the front. It was typically posted in a bunker or by the commissar when the soldiers were brought together. This poster as printed is an exact copy of the original printed in Moscow in 1940. The original which we were able to obtain after many years of searching, was taken from an overrun Soviet bunker during the Winter War with Finland in 1939-1940. This is an item that no real Mosin Nagant collector will want to be without.  Imagine this fine poster gracing your gun room wall.

MHC-Poster2.jpg (60191 bytes)

A very detailed look at the famous Soviet battle rifle


26 inches by 36 inches

The cost of this fantastic addition to the collection of Mosin Nagant or WW2 enthusiasts is $20.00. Shipping and handling is $5.25for a total of $25.25 delivered to you!  We accept Money Orders and Cashiers Checks for immediate shipment and well as personal checks which will be held for a week to clear.  (Please allow 3-4 weeks-rush orders will be accommodated  WHEN POSSIBLE)

Order yours today! Supplies are limited and will be served on a first come first served basis.

Quantity orders (10 or more) will be 10% off. Shipped Priority mail.

To order via mail as above with a check, please mail to:

Victor Thomas

37799 Professional Ctr. Dr. #101

Livonia, Michigan 48154 USA



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