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Tuco's Hot Links


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Total Online Service Site And Links Page

The Gunboards.Com:  Total online service for the gun owner and gun collector.  A server owned and operated by fellow gun owners hosting some of the largest discussion boards on the Net.  The server also offers free site hosting, free forum boards, and much more.  Huge links section as well.

MOSIN NAGANT LINKS  A very good site for all Mosin Nagant collectors.  Very detailed information takedown, parts, features, and like subjects.  Very well done and easy to follow.

The Russian Mosin Nagant Page Covering the fine Russian made Mosin Nagant rifles.  This page has quite a bit of useful information.   Bob also has a number of discussion boards now in place.  A very good site.

Finnish History And Living History

Estonian Arms Dot Com:  A site dealing with the military history of Estonia but also hosting the Nordic Wars Forum.

Finnish Re-enactor Site  This group does Winter War and Continuation War events, living history displays, and has members in the South, East, West, North, as well as a number of members in Texas.  The first unit to do a real Finnish Army impression, not just a Finnish SS impression.

Battles of Winter War    The webmaster has gone to great lengths to bring the story of the Winter War to life.  It is still growing and not all the sections are open as of yet.  It is still very much worth a look as the information is quite good.  It will only improve over time and shows a great dedication to the subject.  The webmaster is a friend to this site as well, and a very good guy.

Jaeger Platoon: Simply this is one of the most informative Finnish sites one will ever come across. Loaded with information during the war years of Finland. A magnificent site and very well thought out.

Finland In WW2 Well done and packed with information and photos.

Uralic Family Homepage One of the best sites on Finland that I have come across. Packed with info from the war years ( 1939-44 ) and much more. One of the true must see sites on the Net.

The Home Page Of Mannerheim "The George Washington Of Finland". This is a great site that covers the life of the father of Finland.

The Jews of Finland and World War II  This is an interesting read.

The White Death  The Battle For Suomussalmi

Finnish Fighters   A good aircraft site.

Winter War History  What happened on a day by day account.  Great site for the Finnish collector to view.

Finnish War Horses:  Pretty interesting article on Finnish horses.

Land And Sea: The areas around Helsinki in WW1.

The Finnish Military Page: Outstanding website with a wide range of information.  If you are interested in Finnish military history, this is a site you must see.

Soviet/Russian Sites

Soviet - Afghan War 1979 -1989 This is one of the better sites I have come across. The photos on this site are quite good. It is also gives great insight into this little known war.

The AK Site   A very good Russian site with info on a number of the more modern Soviet/Russian firearms.

The Sword of the Motherland Foundation: Russian/Soviet military history on the Web

FFL Sites

BATF:  Information on laws and regulations.  Also has a list of firearms on the C&R FFL list.  One may also download FFL information and forms.

Njanear's Page on Curio & Relic Collecting A site that is worth a look. This is another page started by a long time forum user. GOOD WORK.  He has also recently added some great proof marking areas to his site.  Well worth a look.

Military C&R - A Weapons Gallery:  Another fine site by Jean,  yet another forum user with a great site.  A well done site that all should check out.

Cruffler.Com  A site just for the C&R collector.

The OG's C&R FFL Site Could this be a trend? Another well known and respected forum user with a site. Info on the favorite guns of the OG and much more.

Forum Links

Parallax's C&R Forums

Estonian Arms And Nordic Wars Boards

Swedish Military Firearms, Japanese Firearms, CETME, Spanish Pistols - Rifles, Blackpowder, Machine Gun, Makarov, Military Handguns, Lee Enfield, US Issue Arms, Mauser Rifles, Mosin Nagant, K98, Sniper Rifles, French Military Arms, and much more


Gun Related Links

EuroArms Italia: Fine weapons and accessories for the European collector and shooter.

CARCANO HOMEPAGE One of the best gun sites on the Web. This site is filled with information about Italy's military rifle. It kills the myths about these infamous rifles.

Small Arms Review:   The magazine that many know and love also has a good site online.  A good semi-auto and assault rifle site. This page is devoted to the Magazine-fed Cartridge Firing Service Rifles of Switzerland.

Colin's Home of Ballistics A site with very good information and a fine links section.   


PPSh41 Page:  A site put up by a dedicated collector of one of the most famous SMG's of all time.

Gavin's Gun Page   An good site that has a fine links section.  Gavin is a known Maxim nut and has a site you should check out.


The WW1-WW2 Militaria SiteDiscussion boards and quite a bit more to look over.  

Russian Military Translations Accurate Russian to English translations of military and military history documents from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Expert translations are performed by Major James F. Gebhardt, United States Army (Retired), who has an extensive background in Soviet military operations and Russian linguistics.

My Czech Firearms and Militaria Web Page Czech weapons are famous for their quality and this site reflects this. An exceptional site by a frequent visitor to both the Collector's Forum and Mauser Forum.

Paul Oats Homepage Another forum user with his own site. Paul has done a great job with his site and it is still growing. Paul has a great section on how to sight in WW2 Soviet PU scopes.

Alaska Enfield HQ If you own an Enfield, you must see this site. A great site that is packed with Enfield facts.

Swede Mauser Site  From the Dutchman.  This is one site all Mauser guys should like quite a bit.   Interesting information and a well set up site.

Hungarian GunsiteA Hungarian hunter, skeet shooter, and gun maker.

Johnson Rifle Page   An interesting site about a curious WW2 gun. Now with a forum that covers these rifles and other MG's.

American Firearms Page  A number of very good links to many hard to find firearm related sites. This site is updated every week, so be sure to check it often.

MAKAROV.COM The site to see if you are interested in these fine pistols from the Iron Curtain. Has a good forum that covers many of the Eastern Bloc nations.

The 7.62 X 25 Tokarev Page A great site with info on these neat handguns. Very well done.

Bill Clede's Web Page Many fine links to some of the best sites on the Web. Bill's writes articles for Shotgun News.

The Weapons Rack A very interesting site that deals with quite a range of firearm subjects.

Tom Bower's Politically Incorrect MG Page Great MG site. You should check it out.    This site has a number of discussion boards set up to cover MG's.

Shooters Website A bit of everything. A very large site with a lot of information.

The Polish Firearms Page This site covers many of the fine firearms manufactured and used in Poland.

Antique and Collectibles Network A very well done site that has information on all sorts of interesting items.

Hollowpoint Directory A lot of weapons info here.

Gun Owners of America Laws, facts, firearms information.

GunHoo Looking for something? You will find it here.

Shooting News A gun site from Switzerland

The Blue Press Article Index Reprinted from Dillon Precision's acclaimed magazine. This page is updated monthly, so check back often!

Larry's Firearms Page    Information on Mosin Nagants and more.  A nice section on sighting in the Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle.

Shotgun News The leader in firearms publications.

Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners An interesting site to say the least.

FAL Accuracy SpecialistsIf you have a FAL check these guys out.

Dealer Links

Allan's Armory  Fine firearms from around the world. This dealer is personally endorsed by Tuco. Allan is one of the best.

Empire Arms Want a handpicked gun? This is where to find it.  Empire is the sponsor of the collectors forum and I am proud to have them.  As with Allan's Armory Empire Arms is endorced by Tuco.


David's Collectables: Fine military surplus collectors arms.

AIM SURPLUS    First rate company. The customer service and gun selection is top notch.

Reich Trading & Outfitting:  If you need parts or like items Rick can not be beat.

MG34 Dot Com: Automatic parts, weapons, and more.  They have a lot of interesting dummy guns that are worth checking out.  Great looking M1910 Maxims.

Fulton Armory A great site and a great company.

Great Southern Arms   A dealer in fine firearms. First class in every way.

Classic Arms A lot of ammo and guns. At times they carry some great C & R FFL firearms. I have dealt with this company in the past, and I have always been pleased.

Nartron INC Surplus firearms, military items, and much more. This is an interesting site

MARSTAR Serving gun collectors, firearm dealers, museums, police forces, and military forces all over the world since 1985

Century International Arms is the largest importer in the US. Buy direct and save some cash. A great company

Sullivans Arms:   A good dealer with a number of rare items.  Has a lot of Japanese firearms in stock.

Samco Global:  A large selection of firearms.

Inter-Ordnance:   Worth a look as they carry a number of interesting items.

FOX HILL POLICE & SPORTSMEN'S OUTLET:   Over 18,000 items listed online.   Check it out.

Black River Militaria:   Lots of good items here with a good selection for the Maxim owner.

Night Vision Optics Dot Com A very large night vision dealer with weapons related items as well.

Lan Optics InternationalTop notch optics for the Soviet bloc shooter.  There are many great items listed on this site and their service has been rated quite highly by site users.

JDL Enterprises INCA dealer that has a wide number of outstanding firearms in stock.

Night Vision Optics Dot Com:   Good stuff here!

Omega Weapons Systems:   Run by Don Bell who is first class all the way.  Great Maxim items and more.

3D BlueingWe can make repairs of common problems, Failure to Extract, Failure to Eject, Failure to Feed, or the all encompassing "It just don't work".

Mosin Accessories

Reich Trading & Outfitting:  If you need parts or like items Rick can not be beat.

MARSTAR  The leader in Canada


Chestnut Ridge Supply You want it? They will have it.

Omega Weapons Systems:   Run by Don Bell who is first class all the way.  Great Mosin items and more.


Quality Cartridge Premium Quality New and Remanufactured Target, Hunting and Law Enforcement Ammunition

Ken Shackelford's Reloading Info A lot of surplus ammo data.

Huntington Need some reloading items? Check this out.

Lapua Ammo, Finland Makers of the best Mosin ammo in the world.

Site Updates and News

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