United States

From Left to Right: Remington Proof (blackened case), Winchester Proof (Tinned case), Western 1917, US Cartridge Co. 1917, Western 1920, Winchester 1940

Headstamp Codes:

Reminton 17 W 17 Western 20
WRA Co 7.62MM RUSS W 40 USCCo 17
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The United States produced ammunition for the thousands of Mosin Nagant rifles ordered by the Russians. Along with standard Ball cartridges, Proof rounds were also made. The Remington version of the proof load had a blackened brass case, while the Winchester version used a tinned case. Along with Remington, Western cartridge company and US Cartridge company had contracts to produce ammunition for the Russians. In 1940, Winchester-Western produced 7.62x54R for a military contract, this time for Finland. World War I era Remington ammunition was packaged in 20 round boxes with a simple ink stamp showing caliber and date.

Packaging Examples:

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20 round box, military Remington manufacture.
Close-up of Remington box markings.
20 round box, Remington Proof Cartridges