From Left to Right: Military Export Ball, Commercial Export Ball, Blank

Headstamp Codes:

PPU over Date  PPU over 7.62x54R
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Yugoslovia did not adopt the 7.62x54R cartridge as a military standard; but it did produce the round for export, both to military and civilian customers. The arsenal code PPU, which in Cyrillic looks like "nny" is found at 12 o'clock in the headstamp. Repacked Russian ammunition is sometimes found in Yugoslovian boxes and tins as seen below. Labels on Yugoslovian boxes will contain the word "METAK" which means cartridge. Military ammunition is made with a corrosive berdan primer (see headstamp "PPU over Date"), civilian 7.62x54R is usually non-corrosive and uses a slightly smaller boxer primer (see headstamp code "PPU over 7.62x54R")

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15 round box, 1981 date.
15 round box containing 1945 dated Russian ammunition.